Hello again.

I am now home from my vacation, and will start posting as regularly as possible. My topic for today is pitchwood, also known as fatwood.
Pitchwood is the wood from an evergreen tree that has been damaged in some way; usually, from the stump of one that has been cut down. I prefer pine, but I am told others work reasonably well.
The basic idea of pitchwood is, when a tree is cut down, the root system is not immediately notified. It ontinues to send pitch and other materials up to the tree, which is unable to send them further or use them in any way. Thus, pitch gathers along the top and saturates the wood. As we all know, pitch burns wonderfully well, if a bit smoky. Pitchwood is one of the best firestarters I have used.
Klippe has a great article on fatwood. I learned about harvesting it over there, and I hope you will too. The article is very clear and easy to follow.

Here are a couple photos of my handywork: