I spent some time today with my little buddy, the chipmunk. I have decided to call him Jack, because it fits his personality. He is becoming quite tame, and runs over to me whenever I walk by him, to see if I have any treats. I have kept my pockets full of raisins just for him – although I eat plenty myself.
I also gave him a cracker with peanut butter on it. He enjoyed it – too much, in fact. He licked off all the peanut butter, and proceeded to gag for about thirty seconds.
I was just bracing myself to perform small-critter choking relief (and to receive the inevitable bites associated with picking up a semi-wild chipmunk) when he spit a bit out and ran off. Little pig…

I took a picture of him coming out from under the woodshed. He is in the hollow space of a palate, preparing to come down for a raisin.