Tracking and the Art of Seeing, by Paul Rezendes.
Second Edition.
HarperCollins Publishers, New York. 1999.

Tracking and the Art of Seeing is a wonderfully detailed guide to the tracker’s art. Paul Rezendes takes the reader deep into the territory of dozens of creatures, using many vibrant, clear photos to show various signs of animal activity. However, this book is not merely a guidebook for identifying animal tracks. Instead, it is an insightful portal into the lives of animals, and carries a spiritual essence about it that convinces the reader to become closer to nature, and her wondrous creatures.
Rezendes’ photos show not only the footprint of the animals, but also their droppings, habitat, and other unique signs, from buck rubs to otter mudslides. He takes the reader into the life of the animal, describing the normal activities, diet, location and best times for viewing. He presents a clear portrait of nature’s complex structure, and explains how humans can interact with these awe-inspiring creatures.

This book makes a wonderful read, not only to help hone your tracking skills, but to learn how to become closer to nature, and make time spent outdoors far more meaningful.