I found something awesome today. A website like this has only existed in my dreams before this moment. I had never really hoped that someone might have come up with the idea, and even less that they would have implemented it successfully!

Anyways, this is Ecocho. What it is – basically – is a search engine, powered by Yahoo! that plants trees every time people use it to search the web.
How? Ads. Nice, little, unobtrusive ads.

I have found that it performs very nicely – on par with Google, in my opinion. Besides, it’s planting trees.
If you don’t believe me, there is a nice little FAQ, along with other information pages on the site.

I find it ironic that a Google fan such as myself would switch to a Yahoo! program so quickly. But I look at it this way: While Google is cool, the environment is cooler. Although it won’t be for very long if we don’t do something about it.
I think Ecocho is a good place to start. Please, check it out. I like it.