First off, I would like to welcome you to WildWood Trail. I’m very glad you’re here, and hope you’re enjoying my writing. If you have any feedback, good or bad, please let me know, either here or as a comment on one of my posts.

Now, about me…

My name is Ethan. I don’t post my last name on the internet much – I have no good reason to. Ethan is sufficient for most conversations and such.

I live in New England. I travel around quite a bit, especially for outdoor-related events and activities. I absolutely love the New England climate, however, and never pass up an opportunity to be out in it.

It is safe to say that I enjoy any outdoor activity. Some of my favorites are hiking/backpacking, swimming, canoing, biking, climbing (mountains, rocks and trees) camping, birding, hunting, fishing and slinging.

I hunt deer and some small game, only for food. Although I am a fervent conservationist, I believe that the food chain is important, and as an omnivore I should consume a certain amount of meat. I also believe that taking the life of a wild animal, that has been free and unfettered for its entire existence is more ethical than eating one purchased from a supermarket that hardly ever saw the sun and lived in its own feces. This is a subject I often take criticism about, but I stand by my beliefs.

I am a beginning birdwatcher. There is little more I can say about this, seeing as I have hardly started this activity.

I love slinging. For those who don’t know what this is, see I sling almost every day, and I am currently trying to work my accuracy up to such a level that I might proficiently hunt with only my sling.

Some of my goals for the future include:

* Hiking the Appalachian Trail

* Building a Cedar-Strip Canoe

* Canoeing the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

* Building and Inhabiting a Treehouse

* Organizing a New England SlingFest

I have many others, but those are sufficient for now.

I could keep writing in this page forever, and I probably will. For now, however, I must desist.


2 Responses to “About Ethan”

  1. Captain Paul Says:

    Enjoy your site very much–however you haven’t posted anything in what seems like a long time–

  2. slingbadger Says:

    Ethan, I am into the edible/medicinal plants as well. I teach classes in it in my local Boy Scout Council. When I do, I’m in full buckskins, like I live in the woods.

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